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Consider This Year’s Color Trends For Interior Painting Services

As a homeowner, there may come a time when things in your home seem a little too ordinary, bland, or a little too neutral. Luckily, interior painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform the look and feel of a room. But how do you know which color to choose? Each year, paint manufacturers and fashion designers announce their predictions for interior color trends, and there are some new and exciting trends this year that you won’t want to miss out on.

2019 Interior Paint Color Trends

If you have been wanting to change home’s interior paint color this year, we are going to share some colors you may want to consider for your space, as well as some colors you should probably steer clear of, according to the renowned interior color trends of 2019.

Dark Greens

Remember the hunter green shades that once took over the 90s? Well, they are back in 2019! Dark and moody green colors can add a calming sense of nature and comfort to your indoor space. This moodier interior color pairs well with natural elements, especially stone and wood textures, plus other neutral tones for an incredibly stylish and modern interior.

Soft Neutrals

Warm, soft, and inviting neutral paint colors are sure to never go out of style nor clash with the existing furnishings inside your home. Not to mention, it makes for one comforting go-to of a hue. If you have rooms in your home that could use a little brightening, softer and earthier tones catch more light and can even make the room appear larger.

Moody Pastels

Chalky, moody, and muted tones have quite a soothing appeal that brings with them an understated vibe that’s perfect for living rooms or common areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, moody pastels make for a warm backdrop for minimalist design. Muted colors are a great compromise if you want to add color to your space but are not quite ready to go bright and bold.

Modern Blues

There are many different soft shades of blue that can dramatically affect the interior of your home. Soft blue tones with calming gray undertones, such as gray-blue, charcoal blue, ice blue, and a pale powder blue add a sense of serenity and calm to your space and are likely to appear inside homes across the nation this year!

Tinted Gray

Gray has long been a favorite neutral color that offers a modern alternative to bland neutral paint colors. Gray is a popular interior color choice because of its ability to match with anything while making a room feel bigger, airy, and open. This year, though, darker shades of gray with soft undertones of blue, purple, or green are becoming more and more popular. Whichever shade of gray you choose, know that it is a timeless color that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

Avoid These Interior Paint Colors

According to interior designers and painting experts, there are some colors that are no longer in style anymore! If you are painting your home, avoid these out-of-style colors:

  • Lilac. While lilac may have been a trend in recent years, it’s glory has officially come to an end. Instead, it seems homeowners are gravitating towards more calm, gender-neutral tones, such as the soft blues or greys mentioned above.
  • Dark Navy. Last year, dark navy and black tones were all the talk, and while it may still be prevalent this year, darker tones are now becoming warmer with a neutral undertone. Instead of dark navy, consider using a tinted gray for your home’s interior.
  • Mint. This color has been trending for the past couple of years, but it seems like this year mint is being toppled by the bolder and darker green shades discussed above.

Need an Interior Painting Contractor In South Lake Tahoe?

If you looking to update your home’s interior to match the latest color trends or simply desire a new look for your home, the interior painting contractors at Artisticrat Painting can help! Contact us to receive an estimate for our interior painting services.

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