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The Benefits of Wall Texturing Services

If you are trying to think of cost-effective ways to enhance the interior of your home, you cannot go wrong with adding a fresh coat of interior paint. Interior painting projects are a great way to update and refresh the rooms in your home. However, interior painting is not the only way to add new life to the walls and rooms in your home, wall texturing is also a great way to add some depth and charm to your interior space. Although it started gaining popularity in the 70s, wall texturing is still seen in many homes today.

At Artisticrat Painting, in addition to offering residential painting services, we also offer professional wall texturing services to revamp the interior of your home. In today’s post, our experienced painters and drywall contractors share some of the benefits that professional wall texturing can offer!

Wall Texturing Creates a Finished Look

Textured interior walls are still very common in homes throughout the country. There are a variety of different texturing options available, but a majority of the homes you walk into are likely to have some sort of texturing on their walls. Due to the familiarity that most people have, wall texturing is an easy way to create a finished look on your interior walls. Oftentimes, wall texturing is the finishing step in new home construction or home remodels and signifies that the walls are ready for interior painting. 

Wall Texturing Creates A Nice Aesthetic

Wall texturing can be used to create a specific aesthetic in your home. Because the texture can be applied using a variety of different methods to achieve a variety of different styles, there are a ton of options to choose from that can enhance the aesthetics of your home. Customized textures can be created using a trowel or any number of application methods. Applying heavy texture using the trowel method can create a dramatic look in your living area or it can be used as a kitchen backsplash. 

Wall Texturing Covers Minor Flaws

After drywall installation, the taped seams where the sheets of drywall meet and other imperfections do not help the appeal of a room. Before applying paint, wall texturing can easily cover minor flaws that are common with drywall installation. Plus, wall texturing can also repair and cover up any wall damage and it is very easy to paint over. 

Wall texturing is a simple, yet impactful, detail that can make a big difference in your home. Finished interior walls will look a lot better when you pay attention to the quality of the texture on your walls. 

Trust Artisticrat Painting For Wall Texturing Services

If you are interested in adding depth and style to your interior walls or want to repair existing flaw on your walls, drywall texturing is a great solution. At Artisticrat Painting, our drywall texturing experts can help you make the walls in your home look better and stand out more. We also offer popcorn ceiling removal to help eliminate the outdated textured ceiling trend, helping increase the overall beauty of your interior space. If you would like an estimate or want to learn more about what our wall texturing services can offer, contact us today!

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